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Rally Rookies Adult Beginner Program

Welcome, Adult Beginners! Rally Rookies is a new instructional and live-play program designed for you. Develop your tennis skills on-court without the pressure of serving, keeping score, and finding people to hit with or against. A Coach will continuously feed balls, allowing paired players (doubles teams) to play out the point, with players rotating in and out around the court. This enables you to get a lot of touches on the ball, while learning how to move on the court in a “live-ball” scenario.

Individual sessions are 90 minutes long. The $20 program fee includes:

  • a brief warm-up
  • 10 minutes of coaching on different skills
  • live-ball play

Participants will receive some instruction on a variety of skills, but be ready to move and hit lots of balls because the majority of time will be spent hitting and moving! Bring your racquet, plenty of water, and don’t forget to dress in layers during the colder months. *Participants need to bring their own racquets. Tennis balls will be provided.

Is Rally Rookies Right for Me?

If you’ve already learned the basics of tennis and/or have participated in our Try Tennis sessions, Rally Rookies is the perfect “next step” for you. It’s for players with a 2.5 USTA rating or below, or those with no rating yet who have had some instruction and can rally back and forth on the court.

If you’re brand new to tennis and aren’t able to rally back and forth, then our Try Tennis program is where you’ll want to start your tennis-learning journey! The Try Tennis program is designed for the true beginner, and a racquet is included in the cost. Visit our Try Tennis Informational page here.

DateTimeLocationAddressRegistration Link
**Note: Registration opens 30 days prior to the session date**
Monday, June 37:00PM - 8:30PMBailey Road Park11536 Bailey Road, CorneliusREGISTER HERE
Tuesday, June 410:30AM-12:00PMBailey Road Park11536 Bailey Road, CorneliusREGISTER HERE
Monday, June 177:00PM - 8:30PMBailey Road Park11536 Bailey Road, CorneliusREGISTER HERE
Tuesday, June 1810:30AM - 12:00PMBailey Road Park11536 Bailey Road, CorneliusREGISTER HERE
Karen Hallman

Karen Hallman

Try Tennis Coordinator