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Lake Norman Tennis Association

With more than 900,000 registrations each year, USTA League is the country’s largest adult recreational tennis league – and a great way to stay active, socialize, & improve your game. Plus, with players of all skill levels, there’s a place for you & your game. Age divisions for adult recreational tennis programs include 18 & over, 40 & over, 55 & over, 65 & over, and play events for those 70 & Over.

Play is based on the NTRP rating system so you play with, and against, players of similar ability. As long as you are 18 or older, there’s a spot for you.

League Seasons & Dates Registration Opens

League Team Registration Opens General Season
USTA Adult Spring League Jan 1 Feb – May
USTA Mixed Doubles League Apr 1 May – Aug
USTA Tri – Level League Apr 1 May – Aug
USTA Summer Singles Apr 1 May – Aug
USTA Southern Combo Doubles June 24 Aug — Oct
USTA  Winter Flex/ Summer Singles  Oct 1 Oct – Dec
Winter Racquets & Jackets Doubles Oct 1 Nov – Jan



The table lists all the USTA League offerings in Lake Norman throughout the year. Click on each name in red to be taken to that League’s dedicated page for more details. Get started enjoying your tennis at the Lake!

USTA League Matches

All League matches are the best of 3 sets, and if opponents split the first 2 sets, then a Coman match tiebreaker is played in lieu of a 3rd set. If a set is tied 6-6, a 7 point set tiebreaker is played, using the Coman Tiebreak procedure. USTA Players must abide by all League Rules & Regulations, which are posted on the Captain’s Corner/Player Resource page. Captains should refer to the Lake Norman Local Regulations for Captain Responsibilities, Match Procedures, and important rules. There are also Guides on the Captain’s Corner for both New & Experienced Captains, which explain common procedures.

Have a question about tennis etiquette or situations which may arise during a match? Friend at Court is a rule handbook with a section called “The Code,” that addresses match-play scenarios and interprets rules. You can access a 2021 version of Friend at Court here.

Courts for League Matches

For USTA matches, courts are typically reserved for 1 and 1/2 hours. Captains will exchange lineups & players will be sent to their assigned courts at match time, and warm-ups begin. Warmups are to be limited to 10 minutes and then the match should begin. Players should not expect that courts will be available earlier than match time. Please be mindful that other matches may be scheduled after yours–play in a timely fashion so everyone can start their matches on time!

  • Any team using a public park as their home facility must pay court fees by the designated due date. The League Coordinator will reserve match courts for public park teams and LNTA will send an invoice to the Captain for court fees each season. There are several ways to pay court fees, including PayPal by scanning the code on this website’s Home page. Captains of public facility teams collect from their players and submit one payment.
  • Teams using a private club as their home facility do not pay court fees. Once match schedules are published by the League Coordinator each season, Captains should send their club a copy of their match schedule, and the club will reserve courts for home matches.
Make-up Matches
  • Per Local Regulations, make-up matches are to be played no later than the 15th day after the original match date, if not sooner.
  • Team matches which are rained out may be made up as an entire team match, or court-by-court as individual matches, as long as the matches are played by the makeup deadline.

*Public Park Captains must complete a Makeup Match Request Form in order to reserve courts for a makeup match. Fill out the necessary details, including the date of the original match and which facility is being requested for the new reservation. Club teams should reserve make – up courts through their club.

All players participating in USTA Leagues are required to be USTA members. Click here to create a USTA account. League fees for all USTA League play is $29.15 ($20 Local League fee, $6 State Head tax, and a $3.15 TennisLink fee).

Refund Procedure – All players requesting a refund of their local fees & State Head Tax charges will be given a refund when requesting prior to their team’s first scheduled match. The $3.15 Tennislink fee is non-refundable. Requests should be submitted to the League Coordinator.

If your team advances into Championship play, visit the Captain’s Corner link for information.

If you have any questions after reviewing the league pages, please contact the Local League Coordinator, Iris Ham. Thank you!
Iris Ham

Iris Ham

USTA Adult & Growth League Coordinator