ServeAces Mini - Tennis Brewery League

Lake Norman Tennis Association

ServeAces Mini-Tennis Brewery League (Must be 21 years old)

ServeAces (Cervezas, get it?) is a mini – tennis brewery league! We bring tennis to you at your favorite breweries & taphouses, so you can play with your friends, in a fun, relaxed environment. It’s mini-tennis played in the parking lot, with a pop-up net, foam balls, and youth-sized racquets. All of the equipment is provided and on – site, ready to use. Once the season starts, all you have to do is show up, set up & drink up! It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever held a racquet–ANYONE CAN PLAY!

Spring 2024 Registration is open NOW! Registration links below.

Thursday Night Social League

Absolutely NO TENNIS EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. ServeAces Social League is designed for players who’ve never held a racquet, to players who are currently playing tennis/pickleball. It’s a great way for both to play together!

Teams are usually comprised of 10 – 15 players (no roster limits) with each team requiring new-to-tennis players (newbies). A “new-to-tennis” player must be just that…new to tennis. (No prior tennis/pickleball experience, or USTA rating no higher than a 2.5.) A newbie MUST be playing every point. There’s no complicated tennis scoring or lineups — the first one to 21 points wins, and you “tag” in new players every 8 points. Each week, teams play 4 rounds, first to 21 points wins. 

This is a social league, so it’s meant to be fun & easy for anyone to play regardless of experience. If you’re looking for a more competitive opportunity, we offer the Monday night Growler league. Same fun rules & format but no newbie rules are in effect.

Teams will play home & away matches (doubles) each week on Thursday nights at 6:30 p.m. START DATE – Thursday, April 4, 2024

Monday Night Growler League (Experienced Players)

ServeAces Growler League on Monday nights is designed for the more experienced ServeAces/tennis/pickleball player seeking a more competitive offering than our Thursday night Social League.

Teams are usually comprised of 10 – 15 players (no roster limits). There’s no tennis scoring or lineups — you “tag” in new players every 8 points. Each week, teams will play a total of 4 games, first to 21 points wins, with a possibility of winning 84 total points. Same fun rules & format as our Thursday league, but no “newbie” rules are in effect.

Teams will play home & away matches (doubles) each week on Monday nights at 6:30 p.m.  START DATE — Monday, April 1, 2024


LNTA couldn’t do this without our awesome sponsors! Sponsorship is simple. All you need is enough room to set up a mini-tennis court in a safe location in your parking lot (roughly 5 parking spaces), and a $150 sponsorship fee for one division/one season, $250 for both social and advanced leagues during the spring season, or $300 to be a sponsor for all options (spring social, spring advanced and summer social seasons). Contact Amy Brandon to get started.

2024 ServeAces Sponsors:

ServeAces Brewery League in the News

Check out the articles below to see how our ServeAces Mini-Tennis League has been highlighted–locally in Lake Norman’s Currents magazine, and nationally in Racquets Sports Industry magazine. People all over are eager to learn what all the buzz is about, as the leagues continue to grow.

Racquet Sports Industry Magazine has recognized LNTA as the Adult Tennis Provider of the Year, featuring the organization in its January 2022 edition. LNTA’s Try Tennis and ServeAces programs are credited for growing the game of tennis and introducing more players to the sport of tennis. Read the full article on page 23 here.

Amy Brandon

Amy Brandon

Executive Director/ServeAces Coordinator

 ServeAces was named the 2016 USTA Southern & NC Tennis Event of the Year!