USTA Singles

Lake Norman Tennis Association

 NTRP Levels Offered

  • Women’s Singles: levels 2.5 – 5.0
  • Men’s Singles: levels 2.5 – 5.0

USTA Summer Singles League

If you love playing singles, this is the league for you! The Summer Singles League is structured as a team format, where 4 – 9 players comprise a team. Each match consists of (3) courts of singles play. Matches are scheduled June – August. Both Men’s and Women’s divisions are offered. Winners advance to State Championships.

Note: Singles League play will NOT affect a player’s dynamic rating.

Summer Singles Registration Dates

Team Registration opensApril 1
Team Registration closesMay 11
Earliest Start Date (depends on # of teams in flight)May 30
Season ends (depends on # of teams in flight)Early Sept
Last day to add playersJuly 30
State ChampionshipsOct 3 - Oct 6, 2024


Men's USTA Singles / Days of Play

3.0MON PM6:30, 7 or 8
3.5THUR PM6:30, 7 or 8
4.0TUES PM6:30, 7 or 8
4.5WED PM6:30, 7 or 8
5.0TUE PM6:30, 7 or 8

Summer Singles Leagues Basics

All players must have a USTA computer rating, or be self - rated.
Min Age to Play18
Min / Max # of Players on Team4 / 9
Courts Played Each Match3
Highest Advancement for Summer Singles State Championships
18 & Over2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0+
40 & Over3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5


Women's USTA Summer Singles Days of Play

3.0FRIDAY AM9:30
THURSDAY PM6:30, 7 or 8
3.5MONDAY AM9:30
TUESDAY PM6:30, 7 or 8
4.5MONDAY AM9:30

All players participating in USTA Summer Singles Leagues are required to be USTA members. Click here to create a USTA account. League fees for all USTA League play are $29.15 ($20 Local League fee, $6 State Head tax, and a $3.15 TennisLink fee).

To view the refund policy, CLICK HERE.

Winter Flex League

Winter Singles Flex League Days of Play Offered - Men & Women
Weekday MorningWeeknightWeekend
*When you register the team, you'll be able to select the option that your team prefers.

USTA Winter Singles Flex League

Grab one of your friends and create a team to participate in the NEW Lake USTA SINGLES FLEX League. You can have a minimum of one and maximum of three players on your singles team roster to aid in scheduling your weekly match, and participation only requires access to one court that can be reserved for play. Lake USTA Singles FLEX League packages all the thrills of organized league tennis into a flexible schedule so everyone, regardless of time constraints and ability, can play.

The Lake USTA Singles FLEX League offers fun and competitive matches for players of all levels — from beginner to advanced. You’ll get all the fun and excitement of USTA League, but on your own schedule. You play whenever it’s convenient for you — weekends, mornings, nights, even on your lunch hour!

Whether you’re looking to play more matches, improve your skills, expand your social network, or stoke that competitive fire, Lake USTA Singles FLEX League offers all that — and offers it all on your terms and your time.

Team Composition & Format

  • Teams are comprised of a minimum of 1 and maximum of 3 players.
  • One singles court will be played weekly.
  • On teams with more than one player, any rostered player may participate in the weekly scheduled match.
  • All team matches will be “scheduled” for 5:00 PM on Sunday, which is the last day of the Lake USTA FLEX League week
  • To keep the pace, matches should be played on or before the last day of the week in which the match is scheduled. However, players will be given one additional week to make-up matches that were not able to be played due to inclement weather during the scheduled week. Scores must be entered on or before the last day of the make-up week.

USTA Winter Singles Flex League Registration Dates

Team Registration opensOct 1
Team Registration closesNov 3
Season beginsNov 14 (first match must be completed 11/21)
Season endsFeb 6
Last day to add playersJan 24
* There is no state tournament for Winter Singles Flex League

How the Winter Flex League Works

  • Lake USTA Singles FLEX League groups players of similar ability together using NTRP levels
  • Teams are comprised of 2 to 3 players.
  • Teams are grouped by preference for weekday/weekend or evening/weekend play
  • Season is structured to provide each team with 7-8 weekly singles matches.
  • Team matches require access to only one tennis court that can be reserved for play
  • Teams arrange to play on a day and time that is most convenient each week
  • It is the home team’s responsibility to initiate contact to schedule the match, reserve the court, and bring new balls. Any fees associated with court use is the home team’s responsibility.
  • Players must be at least 18 years old by the start of the season to be eligible to participate
  • USTA Membership is not required for participation in the Lake USTA Singles Flex League
  • If you do not have a USTA NTRP rating, you must complete the self-rate process before registering
  • You may register to play at your NTRP level and/or a half level higher
  • Lake USTA FLEX League results do not count for NTRP ratings

Fees and Registration

  • Player registration fee: $27.13 ($18 Local League Fee, $6 State Head Tax, and $3.15 TennisLink fee)
  • In addition to the player registration fee, there’s a fee for public park teams to cover court fees: $30 per team. Public park teams are able to reserve courts through the League Coordinator for up to four home matches. Captains must pay the court fee before the team registration deadline to be included in the schedule. Teams from private facilities do not have this fee.

Winter Singles Flex League Refunds

  • No refunds will be issued once schedules have been posted
  • Refund requests must be submitted via email to the League Coordinator
  • A refund will be issued less the $3.15 TennisLink fee.
Iris Ham

Iris Ham

USTA Adult & Growth League Coordinator