Beginner's Tennis

Lake Norman Tennis Association

Why learn tennis?

Get active/healthy

Meet new people

Learn a life-long sport


What is Try Tennis?

Try Tennis is a 6-hour instructional program designed for beginners to learn the fundamentals of the game. Go from the “couch to court” in 6 hours! A racket is included in the program’s cost of $40.00. It’s a perfect way to try out the sport.

Spring 2022 Schedule:

  • Saturdays, 5/28-6/18, 8:00-9:30am, Bailey Road Park, REGISTER HERE

To view the most up-to-date calendar of Try Tennis Sessions in the area, click here.

For more information, about this state-wide program, click here.

What is Try Play?

Try Play is a 6-hour instructional program designed as a follow-up to Try Tennis. Players learn the ins and outs of playing a tennis match. These play-to-learn sessions consist of instruction and guided play. The program is ideal for Try Tennis graduates and beginner tennis players that have very little match play experience. The program cost $70.00.

For more information about this statewide program, click here.

What is Try Match?

Try Match offers beginner adult players (ages 18+, rated 2.5 or below) the opportunity to play a competitive tennis match in a low-pressure environment. The one-day program offers a tournament format where participants play multiple matches in one day. The program cost $25.00.

Next Session:
Saturday, May 14, 9:00-11:00 AM, Bailey Road Park. REGISTER HERE

Local Parks and Clubs

There are many local parks and clubs throughout the Lake Norman footprint that offer clinics and lessons for beginners. Visit our parks and clubs page for more information.