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Three New USTA Team Types to Debut in 2021
The USTA has launched three new team types for 2021 league play. When captains establish teams, they will now be asked whether the team is “Closed”, “Closed but Seeking”, and “Open”.
  • Closed – Players must have your team number to join just as all USTA League teams are currently set up today.
  • Closed but Seeking – While your team is closed, you have the option to receive emails about players that are looking to join a team at your level in your area.
  • Open – Players can find and register directly onto your team without needing a team number.

Learn more here

Congratulations to Mixed-Madness Winners
Friday Mixed 6.0 – Tim Powell, Westport
Friday Mixed 7.0 – Karla Williams, Sportscenter
Friday Mixed 8.0 – Sree Sreedharan, NMP
Sunday Mixed 6.0 – Tim Powell, Westport
Sunday Mixed 7.0 – Dewey Baker, NMP
Sunday Mixed 8.0 – Vicki Weber, Westport

Congratulations to the 2020 Combo League Winners
18 & Over
5.5-Pamela Saine/LNTC
6.5 AM-Natalie VanEpps/River Run
6.5 PM-Cortney Griffin/CSD
7.5 AM-Debbie Beam/Peninsula
7.5 PM-Julie Finke/Jetton
8.5 AM-Jill Hulse Mack/Bailey
9.5-Lynn Chambers/PAC

5.5-Tim Powell/Westport

Congratulations 2020 Combo League Winners
40 & Over
6.5-Venkatesh Sampoorman/CSD
7.5-James Doyle/NMP
8.5-Mike McMahon/PeninsulaWomen

5.5 AM-Bethany Barber/Jetton
5.5 PM-Sheryl Theisen/NMP
6.5 AM-Jennifer Londono/NMP
6.5 PM-Shannon Armstrong/NMP
7.5 AM-Norma Cheatham/PAC
7.5 PM-Karen Edge/RIver Run
7.5 Sat-Vicki Weber/Westport
8.5 AM-Lisa Dunn/Jetton
8.5 PM-LuAnne Pate/Jetton

55 & Over
8.5-Bill Hirata/PAC

6.5-Wendy Goodwin/NMP
7.5-Vicki Weber/Westport

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NC Tennis Article Features a Huntersville Neighborhood

NC Tennis Article Features a Huntersville Neighborhood

Huntersville Community Hosts Try Tennis® Program for Neighborhood Kids The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to be flexible with parents working from home and children learning virtually. The Hamptons neighborhood in Huntersville, with 2 sets of tennis courts, used...

Try Tennis Toolkits Available Through November 6

Try Tennis Toolkits Available Through November 6

Bring the game of tennis to your driveway, office or bar. Consider purchasing one or more to donate to a non-profit of your choice! The USTA, LNTA, and Dunlop are offering Try Tennis Toolkit for a limited time. Each kit is $150 and comes with four Dunlop racquets, a...

Robbie Smith Named to NC Tennis Hall of Fame

Robbie Smith Named to NC Tennis Hall of Fame

Local player, teacher, club owner, and coach Robbie Smith has been named to the North Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame. Smith helped to establish the Jeff Adams Tennis Center in Charlotte before moving his attention to North Charlotte in the 1990s where he was responsible...

Local Player Featured by NC USTA

Local Player Featured by NC USTA

The story below is currently featured on NCTennis.com. After enrolling in a Try Tennis Program, Mike Richards switched his mindset from "is tennis a good sport for me?" to "I want to keep improving and playing." Mike first learned about UTSA North Carolina's Try...

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