Lake Norman was well-represented with 2 teams winning Southern Combo Sectional titles. Congratulations to the Women’s 18 & Over 7.5 team captained by Janna Huggins & Vicki Weber, and the Men’s 40 & Over 6.5 team led by Dewey Baker! Sectional Championships were held in Mobile, AL, December 6 – 9. The Huggins’ roster included: Stacie Kennington, Vicki Weber, Julie Busha, Jenni Peden, Susan Moore, Karla Williams, Keri Cantrell, Beth Krogstie, Brenda Levy, Palak Merchant, Becky Heflin, Karen Hobday, Elizabeth Rupert, and Pam Burks. The team went undefeated in Mobile. Dewey’s team included: Jeff Page, Chip Ashley, Alex Boone, Keith Harris, Pete Richards, Wes Williams, Nate Roller, Robert Bachner, Robert Chen, Jason Lands, Bradley Bolick, Neil White, and David Han. Dewey’s team showed their sportsmanship by staying to cheer on Team Huggins in the final. It was a great day for both teams!