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Team Creation & Player Registration

Team Creation
Step 1
In order to create a team, a Coach Captain MUST be USTA Safeplay Certified. This process can take 7 – 10 days. Become certified here.

Step 2
The next step is to “Become a Coach/Captain”. This is a simple process. Click here to get an account.

Step 3
Click here to create a New Team.
Once you create the team, you will be issued a Team Number. Please write this down to share with your players

Player Registration
Step 1
A player must first have a Junior USTA Membership. This is a free membership and CANNOT be a part of a Family Membership. Click here to get a free junior membership.

Step 2
Once you have a USTA membership number and a team number, you are ready to register! Click here to register.

*League Fees are $40.

How to Become a Coach/Manager (2 steps)

1 – Register in Tennislink. TennisLink serves as the online registration process for Junior Team Tennis. TennisLink also provides registration for up to 2 coaches/managers per team (a coach / manager, as well as a co – manager). The person who is the primary contact for the team & handles team management and / or coaching responsibility, shall be listed as the coach/manager. If another individual will have regular & continuous contact with the team, he or she shall be entered in TennisLink as the co-manager.

Click Here to Register in Tennislink.

2 – Once you have registered in Tennislink and obtained a sign-on and password, you can move on to complete the registration process. You will start here on the Net Generation website by clicking on ‘Become A Provider’. You will be taken through the Safe Play program, which is an online training module and a background check. The background screening is conducted by the National Center for Safety Initiatives. (Click here for a PDF of the step-by-step guide).

If you are currently registered as a provider and only need to renew your background check, click here.

Click to learn more about Net Generations.

Important Documents (please print & review)

*Remember, it’s the responsibility of both teams to make sure scores are entered on the Tennislink website within 48hrs of a match’s completion. If scores are not entered within the 48hrs, the coordinator will contact the team managers.

*Remember, you’ll need to login to Tennislink, in order to register a player or to create a team online.
Tracey McKenna

Tracey McKenna

USTA Junior League Coordinator

For questions about Junior tennis, please contact