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The USTA Spring season is almost here! Are you ready?

LNTA'S Tennis Ladder Challenge
The benefits of playing in the 
Tennis Ladder Challenge

Aside from supporting the local tennis community, LNTA's Ladder Challenge allows you to work on your game, at your pace.
Chances are, you've joined a USTA spring team. Will you play singlesWill you play doublesOr Both? Maybe you don't know but you want to be ready, right? . 
How ready are you? Clinics are great, but nothing prepares you better than a little competition and testing out those new moves or shots you learned at clinic. The Tennis Ladder Challenge is set up so that you can compete and practice at your own pace. Do you want to play weekly? Twice per week, or even more often? Pay $20 for singles, or $30 for doubles, and play as many matches as you can schedule!
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The tennis ladder is designed to provide players of all ability levels an opportunity to participate in organized competitive tennis. Scores are based on a system where players get points for making challenges and for playing matches.

When does the ladder start?
2017 The ladder is broken up into 11 week seasons.

  • Spring Season:  FEB 20th - MAY 8th
  • Summer Season:  JUN 5th - AUG 20th
  • Fall Season:  SEP 11th - NOV 27th

How much does it cost?
Each season costs $20 for singles, and $30 per doubles team. A gift certificate will be given for each season’s ladder winner.
What skill levels are available?
Skill levels are based on player self rating. The following divisions are currently available, divisions may be added or removed depending on interest. If you are unsure of your rating, please click here for more information.


  • Men's 3.5, 4.0
  • Women's 3.0, 3.5, 4.0
  • Mixed 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 (fixed partner)

How To Sign Up

  • New Players
> To create your account, click here
> After you have created you account, you will be sent an email to confirm your entry.
> Once your entry is confirmed, simply log in and click the "buy" link next to the ladder you would like to enter.
> Pay your ladder entry fee through paypal, and start challenging.
> If you have any questions about how to use the ladder website, please check our FAQ or send an email to
  • Returning Players
> To log in, click here
> If you have already signed up for a ladder, just click on your ladder name, and start challenging.
> If you haven't signed up for a ladder for this season, just click the "buy" link next to the ladder you would like to enter.
> Click here if you have forgotten your password.
> If you have any questions about how to use the ladder website, please check our FAQ or send an email to

General Rules:
  1. Players can challenge up or down from their current ranking.
  2. The matches are set up at a mutually agreed upon time and location. The matches may be played anywhere as long as all players agree. The challenger provides the balls for the match.
  3. Challenges should be completed within a week of the initial challenge of an opponent.  The winner of the match should report the score online but opponents should always check to verify scores.
  4. Players are not limited to a certain amount of challenges per week and can play the same opponent more than once.
Weather Rule:
Matches may be postponed due to the weather. Players may postpone if it is mutually agreed upon or if the chill factor is below 40 degrees or it is rained out.
If you have any further questions, please check our Frequently Asked Questions or send an e-mail to