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The Racquets & Jackets League


All rules of the USTA will apply to this league.  This league will have no impact to a player’s rating and will never be consider by the USTA.  This league is strictly a local league.  Please follow Friend of the Court and/or USTA regulations found at


Registration Information:

  • Team registration – September 19th thru October 21st
  • Player registration – September 19th thru December 31st
  • First Day of play – November 1st
  • Last Day of play – January 21st
  • Play off – February 4th *rain out date Feb 5th


Days of Play: 

  • Tuesday 10:30am - Division B 4.0/4.5 Women *
  • Wednesday 10:30am - Division C 3.5/4.0 Women *
  • Thursday 10:30am - Division E 2.5/3.0 Women *
  • Friday 10:30am – Division D 3.0/3.5 Women *
  • Saturday 11:30am & 1:30 - Division A Women 4.5/5.0 *

                                                 -Division B Women 4.0/4.5*

                                                 -Division C Women 3.5/4.0 *

                                                 -Division D Women 3.0/3.5*

                                                 -Division E Women 2.5/3.0*


  • Saturday 11:30am & 1:30 - Division A Men 4.5/5.0*

                                                 -Division B Men 4.0/4.5*

                                                 -Division C Men 3.5/3.0*  


*Higher ranked player(s) can only play court 1. Examples in the 3.0/3.5 division:


Acceptable:  Unacceptable

Court 1: two 3.5s

Court 2:  two 3.0s (or lower rating) 

Court 3: two 3.0s (or lower rating)


Court 1:  two 3.5s; two 3.0s; one 3.5/one 3.0

Court 2:  one 3.5 & one 3.0; /two 3.0s (or lower rating;  two 3.5s

Court 3: two 3.0s (or lower ratings)


Teams:  Consist of minimum 6 to maximum 15 players.   


Matches:  Will consist of 3 courts of doubles.  You must field 2 lines to make a valid match. Higher ranked players may only play on court 1.  Ex. In division B, a 4.5 player may play on court 1.  Both players may be at the higher ranking.  The 4.5 player may not play on court 2 or 3.  This is not a “combo” league.  Match start times are 10:30 weekdays and 11:30 or 1:30pm Saturday.   Defaults will occur at 10:45.  Any player arriving after 10:30/11:30 must be moved to court 3.  Defaults occur “bottom up”.  Same as all USTA leagues, except for the max rated player.  If the max rated player defaults, it must be court 1 that is defaulted.  You will NOT move the higher rated player to the bottom court if the higher rated player is late.

Matches are best of 3 sets, with the 3rd set being a 10 point match tie break.  This league uses the Coman Tie Break procedure.

Winning team enters scores in tennislink within 48 hours.  No scorecard will be updated 48 hours after the last match of the season is played.


Players:  Must be a USTA member throughout the entire season.  Must be listed on the roster of the team.  There are no substitutes allowed.  All registration uses tennislink under leagues.  All players will receive a free league t-shirt.  First time USTA members will receive a rebate on their league fees.  This league uses the ratings assigned at the time of registration.  If a player’s rating changes (either up or down), it will not impact this league.  Rating changes occurs in December and takes effect for the spring season.


Home Team:  Provides match ready courts.  The home team has the ultimate decision on if the courts are safe to play on.  If the courts are not playable, the home team captain must contact the visiting team captain 1 hour before match time.  Restrooms must also be provided by home team.  Home team provides the balls.  Each team must provide their own beverage. 


Public Facilities:  Any team using a public park as their home matches must pay court fees.  If fees are not paid, the team will be removed from the standing and all matches defaulted.  Coordinator will reserve courts for any team using public parks.  Club players will need to secure their own courts.  Club teams will need to report to coordinator any blackout dates at their club.


Inclement Weather & Cold Weather Rule:  Please refer to Inclement Weather Policy.  Cold weather rules are located in said document.  Any match not played when weather is deemed warm enough to play will be entered as a double default.


Make-up Matches:  Must be scheduled within 2 weeks of the original date.  Coordinator must be informed of date.  If date for make-up cannot be set, coordinator will set the date.  Matches may be made up court by court.


Refund:  Are only issued before the first day of matches.  There will be no refunds after match play begins.  Refunds will consist of league fees minus the cost of the shirt.  Tennislink fees may not be refunded.


Number 1 rule for this league is to play and have fun!  Remember this is a winter league.  Be prepared to play in the cold!  Division winners will be declared at the end of season.  Playoffs between Saturday and weekday flights will occur the first Saturday after the end of the season.  Awards will be given out to the division champions.








Jan 20, 2016 (~38o)

Racquets & Jackets